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After several fires in the 1930s, including a major fire on the village square on July 20, 1935, there was a true concern for fire safety in the village of Danville. So in March 1938, the village council established the Danville Volunteer Fire Department with Dana Snow serving as chief. 

Fire hydrants were installed in the village that year, and a pumper was built in a garage. A pumper/tanker was then constructed from a used gasoline truck in 1949. Over the next 35 years, the department grew from one truck to a fleet of seven pieces of fire equipment and two squads with leadership being from Ralph Mickley and Dale Hammond.

EMS services were then added to the department in 1971, providing service for six townships and two villages. A second station was built in Howard in 1973; and Hammond’s son, Mike, took over as chief. Over Hammond’s 18 years following, the department acquired an aerial ladder and a heavy rescue truck with essential equipment for rescue work. In 1992, a BCD technical rescue team was established, comprised of Bladensburg, College Township, and Danville fire departments. Larry Stimpert took over as chief in 1996, and the district has since grown to a fleet of 16 pieces of fire equipment and two additional squads.

In 2000, it was decided that the community could benefit from forming a joint fire district, and the Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District was born in 2001, serving the villages of Danville and Brinkhaven plus the townships of Brown, Jefferson, Howard, Union, Butler, and Harrison. The district operated with all volunteers until 2003 when paid personnel were hired.

The district is currently under the leadership of Fire Chief Larry Stimpert, Assistant Chiefs George Durbin and Marcia Durbin, Lieutenants Tyrel Samples and Jason Stephens, and Captains Chris Wilis, Regis Fowler, and Brian Durbin who oversee a staff of more than 50 firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs.

EKJFD leadership has always made sure to stay up to date on the latest equipment and supplies to provide the highest level of protection for our community. Since 2010, we have had the pleasure of purchasing the following items:

  • CPR Device
  • Weight Equipment
  • Multi-Gas Detectors
  • Stair Chair
  • Reflective Safety Vests
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Airbags
  • Hydraulic Rams and Accessories
  • Hydraulic Cutters
  • Hydraulic Pump Unit
  • Car
  • Video Camera
  • Laptop Computer
  • SCBA Facemasks
  • Ram Fan
  • Clothes Washers
  • Scuba Diving Gear
  • Portable Radios
  • Carbon Monoxide Testers
  • Backboards
  • Automatic Blood Pressure Machines
  • Battery Conditioner
  • Refrigerators
  • Computer
  • Pressure Washers
  • Hose Tester
  • CPR Training Materials
  • Multimedia Projector
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Jaws of Life
  • Misc. Jaws of Life Equipment

Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District

Fire and EMS Services in Danville, OH and Howard, OH

Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District Staff

Unit: 431
Name: Larry Stimpert
Rank: Fire Chief
Unit: 432
Name: George Durbin
Rank: 1st Asst. Chief
Unit: 433
Name: Marcia Durbin
Rank: 2nd Asst. EMS Chief
Unit: 434
Name: Tyrel Samples
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: 435
Name: Chris Willis
Rank: Captain
Unit: 436
Name: Jason Stephens
Rank: 1U Lieutenant
Unit: 437
Name: Regis Fowler
Rank: Captain
Unit: 438
Name: Brian Durbin
Rank: Captain
Unit: 10
Name: Bill Smith
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 11
Name: Tom Calland
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 12
Name: Justin Wilt
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 13
Name: Morgan Carey
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 14
Name: Logan Williams
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 15
Name: Joshua Stimpert
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 16
Name: Doug Manring
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT-P
Unit: 17
Name: Kevin Durbin
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 18
Name: Derrick Robbins
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 19
Name: Jordan Stimpert
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 20
Name: Luke Rager
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 21
Name: Dan Colopy
Certification: FF
Unit: 22
Name: Jason Vanhoose
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 23
Name: Jared Mullett
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 24
Name: Alec Mackey
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 25
Name: Micah Cormier
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 26
Name: Trevor Phillips
Certification: FF/EMT-A
Unit: 27
Name: Aaron Beaver
Certification: PFF/EMT
Unit: 28
Name: Brooke Sapp
Certification: EMT
Unit: 29
Name: Catrina Fowler
Certification: EMT-A
Unit: 30
Name: Mark Arnold
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 31
Name: Austin DeNune
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 32
Name: Joseph D. Toth (Jr.)
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 33
Name: Danny Hyden
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 34
Name: Mike Smith
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 35
Name: Dalton Lee
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT-P
Unit: 36
Name: Corey Meyer
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 37
Name: Jason Hood
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 38
Name: Mason DeChant
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 40
Name: Buck Roberts
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 41
Name: Andrew Sims
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT-P
Unit: 42
Name: Dave Carter
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 43
Name: Jordan Reigle
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 44
Name: Devin Campbell
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 46
Name: Miriah Ashman
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 47
Name: Ross Wind
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 48
Name: Tyler Bagley
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT
Unit: 49
Name: Jack Carter
Certification: FF/EMT-P
Unit: 50
Name: Joshua Fletcher
Certification: Probationary FF/EMT-P
Unit: 51
Name: Andrew Durbin
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 52
Name: Ben Young
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 53
Name: Scott Brown
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 54
Name: Thomas Evans
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 55
Name: Trent McArtor
Certification: FF/EMT
Unit: 56
Name: Grant Durbin
Certification: FF/EMT

Memorial Names

  • Pershing Ramella
  • Leroy Martin
  • Burl "Bud" Thompson
  • Wava Hammond
  • Clarence Mizer
  • Mark Fausnight
  • Martin Thorp
  • Earl Vance
  • Ralph Mickley
  • Harold Lahmon
  • Paul Edgar
  • Forest Frazee Jr.
  • Earl Campbell
  • Dale Hammond
  • Rodney Mickley
  • Eldon Edminster
  • Robert Ridgway
  • Jack Crow
  • Brian Shrimplin
  • Rolland Gallion
  • Jake Murdock
  • Phil Durbin
  • William "Bill" Miller
  • Mitch Lashley

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